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Coach Handy 7th and 8th Physical Education




Our mission is to facilitate students in improving their quality of life through regular physical activity.  This will be accomplished by using a student-centered approach while teaching the psychomotor, cognitive, and affective aspects of physical fitness and demonstrating personal responsibility in all areas of the curriculum.


What you will learn:

In this physical education class, you will have the opportunity to participate and learn about a variety of physical activities. You will learn about the rules, etiquette, strategies and skills related with many different life long activities. The Health class will enhance your awareness and knowledge of healthy lifestyle choices. We want to ensure that every student is healthy, safe, and responsible.



Performance (40%)

(Positive attitude, full participation, and good sportsmanship)

Health (30%)

(Classwork, Journals, Projects, and Quizzes)

Dressing Out (30%)


Grading Scale

100% - 90% A

89% - 80% B

79% - 70% C

69% -60% D

59 % - F


Physical Education Uniform

Students at Forbush Middle are required to dress out during all physical education classes. The uniform will consist of a T-Shirt, Shorts, and Athletic shoes. All physical education attire must meet the dress code. For health, safety and liability issues, athletic shoes for Physical Education must meet the following standards:

The athletic shoe must protect and cover the whole foot. The foot cannot be exposed in any manner.

To prevent unnecessary movement of the foot, shoe lacings or velcro straps must securely hold the foot in the heel seat of the athletic shoe.

The outsole of the athletic shoe must provide feet with protection from hard and rough surfaces; possess friction high enough to prevent slipping, as well as climate and environmental exposure.

No backless shoes, sandals, flip-flops, shower shoes, sandals with a strap between the toes, steel-toed shoes, boots, slippers, exposed foot shoe, exposed foot shoe with strap, or house shoes will be allowed.

No Jewelry can be worn during Physical Education class (watches, bracelets, necklaces, or ear rings). 


Classroom Rules:

Respect yourself and those around you.

Keep hands and feet to yourself.

Respect School property at all times (Locker rooms, Bathrooms, Gym, Bleachers, and Equipment).

Be in the locker room or the gym on time.

Bring gym clothes and dress out.

Do not talk while instructor or others are talking.

Give your best effort at all times.



Harassment will not be tolerated. Students who harass other students shall be subject to appropriate counseling and discipline, up to and including expulsion. Any student who feels that he/she is being harassed should immediately contact the teacher, or the principal for appropriate action (Student and Parent handbook p. 65). 



Students are required to have a note from their doctor in order to be excused from participation longer than two days. The note must be presented to the instructor who will record the dates. Students are still required to dress out unless the doctor states otherwise in the note. Students will be required to do hand written assignments to earn credit for not participating. Students who have asthma must bring an extra inhaler with them on the first week of class. Instructors will keep them stored with the students name on them in case of an emergency. Students are responsible on a daily basis to inform/notify teacher of any medical limitations or restrictions that prevent them from participating.




If you are injured or do not feel well during class, report it to your instructor immediately!!! Teachers will write up a report on all accidents/injuries that occur during Physical Education class.




Facilities and Equipment:

Students are not allowed to use the facilities or equipment without instructor’s presence and permission. Students are to remain in designated areas until the bell rings.

The locker room will be locked during class time. No one is allowed in the locker room at any time unless a coach or teacher is present.


Cell Phones and Electronic Devices:

Cell phones must be turned off and locked in your locker during your Physical Education class. Cell phones cannot be visible during the school day (7:50 – 3:05 p.m.). Instances of disruption to the learning environment by a cell phone or use of a cell phone will result in consciences as listed in Student and Parent handbook p. 78.

Forbush Middle School is not responsible for any lost or stolen property and will not investigate the theft or loss (Student and Parent handbook p. 78).



Nathan Handy

7th Grade Physical Education

Office Hours Tuesday 7:00-7:45 AM (Make-Up and Missing Work)

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(336) 961-6360