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Mr. Baldwin's Science Class

Welcome to Mr. Baldwin's science classroom.  You will find important information below. 
Contact Information
Using the Remind app is another way to get in touch with me.  
You can call the school if you have a concern that you would like to talk to be about. 
Classroom Instruction
The science classroom will employ a wide variety of instructional techniques so that each student's unique needs can be addressed.  Throughout the year we will be working on productive note taking skills, reading a topical text with high comprehension, and being able to discuss, with proper vocabulary, the science phenomena at the time.  
1st Quarter- We will be discussing topics concerned with the hydrosphere and ecosystems.  An in-depth look at the structure of the hydrosphere, Earth's oceans, water quality, grow and limiting factors in ecosystems will occur during this 9 weeks. 
2nd Quarter- We will be exploring topics concerning chemistry. Specifically we will look at the structure of the atom, how to read and use the periodic table, properties of matter, and the law of conservation of matter. 
3rd Quarter- We will be seeking to understand energy usage and the environment, Earth's history, and the evidence of how life has changed over time on the planet for the start of the Spring semester. 
4th Quarter- We will be examining energy in living things and biotechnology.  This 9 weeks will consist of study in food for energy and survival, the importance of diet and exercise for general health, and careers and ethical issues in biotechnology.