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Chromebook Information

The vision of Yadkin County Schools is "Creative thinkers today, innovative leaders tomorrow." Our mission is to prepare globally competitive citizens who possess critical thinking and problem-solving skills that maximize their potential. Our Chromebook initiative will provide a technology-rich environment to support our students in preparation for their future.

All 7th & 8th grade students will receive a Chromebook once a parent/guardian has:
  • attended the mandatory information session
  • signed the Chromebook agreement
  • completed the Technology Responsible Use form
  • paid the $20 fee  
Terms of Lease
  1. Legal title to the property is with Yadkin County Schools. All use must be in compliance with board policies which include but are not limited to
    1. Policy 3225 - Internet/Network and the Education Program
    2. Policy 3230 - Copyright Compliance
    3. Policy 3220 - Technology in the Education Program
    4. Policy 1710/1720/1730 - Harassment/Bullying
    5. Policy 4331 - Assaults, Threats and Harassment (Cyperbullying)
    6. Internet Use Guidelines
    7. Guidelines as outlined in the Student/Parent Handbook
  2. Students may be subject to loss of privilege, disciplinary action and/or legal action in the event of intentional damage and/or violation of policies and guidelines.
Damage, Loss or Theft

Updated prices can be found at the following link along with additional information on Chromebooks:
Computer/Device Care

Students are responsible for the computer/device they are issued. Computer/devices in need of repair must be reported to the media center.

Care Guidelines 
    • Always close the lid before moving; never carry your computer/device by the screen.
    • Keep liquid and food away from the computer/device as it may damage the machine.
    • Be very careful with the screen. The screens are very susceptible to damage. Do not put a large amount of pressure on the screen such as piling a large amount of books or stepping on it. Pushing on the screen with your fingers can also cause damage.
    • Do not write, draw, paint or place stickers on your computer/device.

General Security
  1. Never leave your computer/device unattended or unsecured.
  2. Each computer/device has several identifying labels (Serial Numbers, YCS ID number, etc...) Under no circumstances are you to modify or destroy these labels.

General Use of Computer/Devices

1 - Inappropriate media should not be on the computer/device.

2 - Computer/device must be muted at all times unless permission is obtained from the teacher for

instructional purposes.

3 - Student computer/device will be subject to routine monitoring by teachers, administration and

technology staff. An individual search of the computer and other stored files may be conducted if

there is suspicion that policies or guidelines have been violated.

4 - Email transmissions and transmitted data shall not be considered confidential and may be

monitored at any time by designated staff to ensure appropriate use.

Internet Access/Filtering

As required by the Child Internet Protection Act, a current filtering solution (Zscaler) is

maintained by the district for school and home use on this computer/device. The district cannot

guarantee that access to all inappropriate sites will be blocked. It is the responsibility of the user

to follow the guidelines for appropriate use of the Internet when at school. Yadkin County Schools

will not be responsible for any problems that occur because of the Internet at school.


Compliance with all federal copyright law is expected.

Inappropriate Use

Includes but is not limited to:

1 - Using computer/devices not assigned to you. The teacher may allow students to look on with

another student for instructional purposes.

2 - Emailing or chatting during class (when not related to an assignment). Other examples include

forwarding inappropriate information, emailing/publishing harassing or bullying information.

3 - Profanity directed to staff or other students.

4 - Gaming during instructional time.

5 - Pornography (of any kind) can be a felony offense and will be turned over to authorities. This

includes possessing and creating.

6 - Posting images obtained without permission or sharing those images with others.

7 - Using a computer/device to:

a. Plan or cause harm

b. Commit a crime

c. Promote cyberbullying


Includes but not limited to:

1 - Leaving laptop unattended.

2 - Allowing someone else to use computer/device to cause harm or commit a crime.

3 - Removing labels and identifying stickers on computer/device.

4 - Intentional actions which can be harmful to the computer/device.

Parent/Guardian Responsibilities

1 - Talk to your children about values and the standards that your children should follow on the use

of the Internet Just as you do on the use of all media information sources such television,

telephones, and movies.

2 - The following resources will assist in promoting positive conversation(s) between you and your

children regarding digital citizenship as it relates to Internet Safety, conduct, and netiquette. A

good website to utilize is NetSmartz:

School Responsibilities

1 - Provide Internet and online course material access to students.

2 - Provide Internet filtering and work to block inappropriate materials.

3 - The school reserves the right to review, monitor and restrict information stored or transmitted

and investigate inappropriate use of equipment.

4 - Provide staff with guidance to aid students in doing research and help ensure compliance of

acceptable use policy.
Additional links to Chromebook information:
*General Information including FAQ
*Chromebook Shortcuts
*Troubleshooting Chromebooks
*Bring Your Own Device Form if you choose to have your student bring their own device.  You must fill out the form above and then bring their device by the media center to receive a sticker.