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Useful Student Websites

Since going to a one to one environment, students access many websites in their classes.  We have listed the top websites below with an explanation of what can be found on each one.
Canvas is our Learning Management System.  Teachers use Canvas to house many assignments.  Parents can ask their child to log in to see what assignments have been assigned, when they are due, and the grade they received on each project, test, or assignment.  
Teachers assign students various assignments through Study Island.  Students may access Study Island any time and has been found a great way to prepare students for EOGs.
Ten Marks gives students practice in math problems through a variety of different ways including games.  Throughout the year we hold competitions for students to participate in based on the amount of time and their accuracy on the problems they complete through the Ten Mark website.
Newsless allows students to read a variety of articles on their reading levels and then answer questions based on what they have read.  It is a great way for students to practice their reading comprehensions skills.
CNN Student News
Students watch CNN student news each day in Social Studies class.  They are then given a test on Friday on what was covered.  CNN news educates our students on things going on around the world making them more knowledge of current events.
Students will access assessments that teachers have created.  Students will enter the code, take the assessment, and then be able to see their scores.