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Middle School General Requirements

Yadkin County Schools Athletics

Middle School General Requirements
A. Age: The principal must have evidence of the legal birth date of the student. A

student shall not participate on a seventh or eighth grade team if the student becomes 15

years of age on or before October 16th of that school year.

B. Attendance: A player must be in attendance at least 90% of the previous semester.

An athlete must be in attendance  half of the school day in order to practice or play that

day. Athletes who are in ISS or OSS may not practice or play.

C. Medical Examination: The student must receive a medical examination each year (365

days) by a duly licensed physician, nurse practitioner, or physician assistant.

D. Scholarship Requirements: Cannot play or practice if failing two subjects.

E. Residence: The student may participate only at the school to which the student is

assigned by the LEA. Transfers within the same administration unit may be governed by the

local Board of Education policy. A student transferred from one administrative unit to

another by mutual agreement is immediately eligible for athletic participation in the receiving


F. Grades: Only students in the 7th and 8th grade may practice or play.

G. Hazing: Hazing is a felony and will not be permitted.

The Sport Preparticipation History Form must be filled out before students can participate in any

sports including try outs. There are two sides so make sure to have the doctor fills out both sides.

The forms then have to be returned to the coach before a student may try out for any sport at

Forbush Middle School. The file called athletic forms has all the forms that must be completed in

order for students to participate in sports at FMS including the physical form. If you have any

questions, please contact Mr. Steve Gardner, FMS Athletic Director.