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Science » 7th Grade Science

7th Grade Science

Throughout the school year we will cover many topics in Science. Each Quarter will consist of a

major theme with many subtopics. There will be many projects and lab activities during each

quarter related to the topics. Below you will find a list of the main concepts for each Quarter

along with links to the standards!

1st Nine Weeks: Weather, Layers of the Atmosphere, Cloud Types, Water Cycle, Air Masses,

Conduction/Convection/Radiation, Winds, and Air Pollution.

2nd Nine Weeks: Characteristics of Living Things, Single Cell Organisms, Cell Theory, Animal/Plant

Cells, Cell Organelles, Cell Respiration, Photosynthesis, Diffusion, and Body Systems.

3rd Nine Weeks: DNA, Gregor Mendel, Heredity, Mitosis/Meiosis, Genes, Punnett Squares,

Pedigree Charts, and Environmental Impact on Heredity.

4th Nine Weeks: Speed, Acceleration, Forces, Work, Power, Balanced/Unbalanced Forces, and Energy.