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Ashley Atkins » Daily Class Expectations

Daily Class Expectations

Below is a list of classroom rules/expectations so all students have an equal opportunity to learn and grow!
  • Be respectful to your classmates and school.
  • Cell phones must be turned OFF and kept in your backpack during class. 
  • Device violations will be given if a student is using smartwatches during class. 
  • Come to class prepared with your pencil, composition notebook, glue/tape, and dry erase marker. (You will not be allowed to revisit your backpack once class has started) (Pencil pouches work great to keep these items organized)
  • Weekly warm ups are due on Friday. Warm-ups will NOT be accepted after the CLOSE date in Canvas.
  • When you enter class, students should find their seat, open Canvas, take out materials and start working on the warm up. 
  • Raise your hand to speak in class. 
  • Do not talk over Mrs. Atkins or any other student/adult.
  • Students will have daily assignments that should be completed on the day that they are assigned or by the due date as specified in Canvas. Late work WILL be accepted- with NO GRADE PENALTY, however missing work WILL NOT be accepted after the CLOSE date in Canvas.  
  • Do not pack up your materials before the end of the class period. Mrs. Atkins will dismiss the class, not a bell or the clock.